Top 8 Reasons Martial Arts Are Good for Kids

Although there are many good reasons for kids to get involved with martial arts, the most paramount one is self-defense. Every kid should have the ability to defend themselves if someone bigger wants to cause them harm, or worse abduct them. Martial arts such as Jiu-Jitsu can help a little one defend themselves or escape.

Contrary to what most believe, martial arts wasn’t developed in the US. Rather, it points to ancient places such as Asia where the Samurai would go into fierce battles with their oppressors. It was prehistoric places such as this and others like Rome where the Roman army developed legions so deathly, other armies had no counterattacks.

Van Buren Jiu-Jitsu teaches kids counterattacks from these proven techniques used centuries ago and today. To see eight good reasons why every kid should have these basic techniques and signing up for kids martial arts classes, continue reading.

8 Reasons to Enroll Kids Into Martial Arts

martial artsThere are several types of martial arts such as Jiu-Jitsu and Judo that teach kids grappling and wrestling maneuvers and Tae Kwon Do which puts an emphasis on blocking and striking. When combined together, focus and movements occur between the little one’s body and mind, making them feel more confidant and not scared.

Here are eight reasons why Van Buren Jiu-Jitsu is perfect for kids today:

  1. Focus and Strength

    They learn how to focus on strength and growth as individuals without feeling the pressure of being sized up against kids their own age. With that said, the martial arts we teach them add an emphasis on self-control; therefore, they don’t feel rejected or like they let the entire team down.

  2. Working Toward Targeted Goals

    There are so many kids out there who feel lost and alone and believe they will never win at anything. Martial arts for children show them a different way through that darkness and allows them to work at their own pace. The more they advance and hone in their skills, they can receive a different colored belt, signifying they reached a higher level.

  3. Healthier Lifestyles and Routines

    Routines are an important part of every kid’s life from the time they can dress themselves to when they have to clean their rooms and go to school. The structure is a fundamental element that most little ones today lack. Moreover, we show them how to take these baby steps that become the anchor for healthier daily routines.

  4. Concentration and Self-Control

    We put an emphasis on concentration and self-control with attention to detail being the keystone to martial arts. When kids learn to stay focused, they can learn the maneuvers and skills we teach them to protect themselves. When our instructors notice a child who’s losing focus, they are often asked to uphold the “ready stance,” allowing them to think about their actions and get ready for the next task.

  5. Gaining Respect

    Gaining respect is a critical environment for kids and is a core value we teach our young students of martial arts. We make them respect our instructors and peers, setting up for better relationships with school teachers and even their own parents. We do not tolerate negativity in class and kids are instructed on how to support each other.

  6. Develop Coordination

    Hands down and sweep kicks to the ankles of their opponents, martial arts help our kids develop coordination and improved balance, making them little giants. It also helps them to feel better about themselves which carries them through many struggles in life, especially when a surprise attack occurs. Strong coordination and balance are key.

  7. Provides Proper Structure

    At Van Buren Jiu-Jitsu, our instructors enforce a clear set of rules that can not be undermined or changed, and we simply reinforce them, leaving our kids with good behavior at home and during school where they oftentimes get mixed in with the wrong crowds.

    Good behavior charts can be sent home with the kids to be signed by the parents. Proper structure is something our instructors know how to do without causing harm to the little ones because they respect them as friends and role models.

  8. Dispel Extra Energy

    Most kids have a ton of stored up energy, and martial arts is an excellent way to dispel extra energy, leaving them more relaxed at home and promoting better sleeping patterns. While most believe that martial arts are a vehicle to drive violent behaviors, we teach them that fighting is always the last resort, their opponents must strike first.

Why Get Kids Involved With Martial Arts in Chandler, Arizona?

self-controlWhen you enroll children at Van Buren Jiu-Jitsu in Chandler, Arizona, the kids here think it’s wicked cool and want to learn more about martial arts. They learn to think differently and not feel different about themselves or left out of the “in-crowd.” Furthermore, they oftentimes find themselves being the following and role model that other kids look up to.

To learn more about being special. To a kid, what’s cooler than breaking concrete bricks in half and snapping boards like twigs? Nothing on this earth. Call Van Buren Jiu-Jitsu today at (480) 435-2131 or fill out our online contact form to get them on their way to a better life.