Boxing Classes Chandler Az

boxing lessons chandler az

Here at Van Buren Jiu-Jitsu, we teach anyone these skills by mixing endurance training and technical skills to have fun while increasing physical endurance and defense skills. On the other side of the ring, anyone can have fun who puts on a pair of boxing gloves with proper headgear and get what they came for as well as a healthier lifestyle. Much like The Greatest American boxer who floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee, Muhammad Ali and boxing go punch-for-punch to improve overall fitness and wellbeing for a healthy state of mind. Many new to this sport discover motivation and how to defend themselves when attacked by surprise.


boxing lessons in chandler arizonaOur Chandler boxing Classes offer you the chance to take on an astonishing and dynamic exercise routine drove by top notch mentors. You’ll will rehearse your take out punch on some hefty packs, get your pulse up with cardio works out, and partake in the strong local area we’ve worked here at Van Buren Jiu-Jitsu, Chandler, Arizona. Boxing will support your endurance, improve your solidarity, assist you with getting more fit, and give you the certainty you need to confront any test life tosses at you.

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Our boxing class is a 60-minute-fun, high energy, intense training program. The class is led by a highly experienced and motivating coach. Whether you are new to boxing or have previous training, this class will be a great fit.

*Gloves and wraps required


Van Buren Jiu-Jitsu is glad to offer our local area a cutting edge office and a-list educators. The beginning of your wellness venture is just a tick away! Experience more endurance, higher energy levels, decreased pressure, and more noteworthy health with our boxing Classes. With an area that is effectively open it’s not difficult to begin!

From decreased pressure to more energy and certainty, boxing Classes are your definitive asset for personal development.

Go along with us for boxing Classes and gain admittance to:

  • Solid, economical weight reduction and muscle acquire
  • Further developed speed, strength, and endurance
  • Decreased pressure and tension in regular day to day existence
  • More energy and greater rest
  • Our strong local area


According to most health professionals and doctors with authority on health conditions of the human body, a healthy heart is the essential knock-out punch that protects us from common illnesses, heart disease, and gaining weight.

A healthy combination punch with a nutritious diet and endurance training has been already proven effective in the professional worldwide boxing and mixed martial arts arena and big-ticket destinations such as Sin City in Las Vegas, Nevada. Moreover, Van Buren Jui-Jitsu in Chandler, Arizona, is the place to learn these healthy boxing skills.


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