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Best Techniques for Self Defense

The importance of self-defense has been growing rapidly as the number of physical encounters is increasing. Regardless of gender, people must learn the best techniques for self-defense in order to defend themselves in a physical encounter on the streets. Not only it helps people to defend but also it offers a couple of health benefits as well.

Speaking of self-defense, there are a number of techniques available but Brazilian jiu-jitsu seems to top everything. It’s an art that took the fundamentals and techniques from traditional judo and jiu-jitsu. People can save themselves from heavily armed assailants and multiple attackers at the same time by learning the moves.

Experts consider jiu-jitsu more than a self-defense system, sport, or fitness program as it offers a great host of health benefits. Keep on reading to know more about jiu-jitsu, its defense moves, and the availability of jiu-jitsu classes in Chandler.

What is Jiu-Jitsu?

Jiu-jitsu is a type of Japanese martial art that can be used in an offensive or defensive manner to subdue opponents. The term “jiu-jitsu” is derived from the Japanese word “Ju” which means “gentle” and “Jutsu” which means art. Essentially, jiu-jitsu means “gentle art”. It uses the principles of angles, pressure, and timing to attack non-violently.

There are a lot of techniques taught in boxing lessons Chandler AZ. It includes traditional jiu-jitsu which has been used in modern martial arts like aikido, sambo, and ARB. Nevertheless, jiu-jitsu Arizona classes don’t focus on strikes or kicks, rather it focuses on the “grappling” holds and defensive moves.

self-defense jiu jitsu techniques

A few jiu-jitsu moves people can learn at jiu-jitsu classes in Chandler include:

Escape From the Bottom

Collar tie type and clinching techniques are commonly seen in street fights especially among the untrained. The stronger attacker can get ahold of the opponent’s head and slam him down in this case. As a result, the people can end up being in a turtled-up position. However, jiu-jitsu Chandler, AZ classes teach people to escape from this.

Guillotine Choke

The guillotine choke is one of the best self-defense moves taught in boxing lessons Chandler, AZ that help people to defend themselves when the opponents are trying to football tackle them. If the opponent isn’t trained for jiu-jitsu, he will eventually leave his neck exposed leaving the perfect opportunity for you to wrap up the guillotine choke.

Hip Bump Sweep

The hip bump sweep is another excellent technique people can learn at jiu-jitsu Chandler, AZ that helps them to go from the bottom guard to the full mount position while fighting with the attackers. It’s considered highly effective against people who haven’t taken any boxing lessons in Chandler, AZ, or who’re less strong attackers.

These are some of the basic jiu-jitsu techniques taught in professional jiu-jitsu classes in Chandler. Furthermore, there are other techniques like kimuras, guillotine, and triangles that are taught in jiu-jitsu Arizona classes to help people throughout the fight. You must research the list of classes available to find the best jiu-jitsu school in Arizona.

Where to Go for Jiu-Jitsu Classes in Chandler, AZ?

Van Buren is one of the most renowned jiu-jitsu classes in Chandler, established with the goal of bringing jiu-jitsu to everyone to build a stronger community. We understand the need for learning self-defense in today’s world. All our Van Buren jiu-jitsu classes are supervised by Jonathan Van Buren who is a 2nd-degree black belt holder.

Van Buren classes for self defenseWith a background in wrestling and years-long teaching experience, we can help you get the best out of yourself. If you’re searching for jiu-jitsu near me, you can contact us now and enquire further information. All our boxing lessons in Chandler, AZ are aimed at helping you to become a better fighter over time.